Fit India Movement ' is a Nation-wide campaign, launched by the Honourable Prime Minister ' Narendra Modi' to encourage people to remain healthy and fit by inculcating physical activities and sports in their daily lives.

Taking this mission forward and following the CBSE guidelines, Bright Public School, Valakom had devoted six working days for celebrating "Fitness Week" in school premises which aimed to alter students' behaviour from ' Passive Screen Time' to ' Active Field Time' and also to develop mental fitness among all the students and staff to achieve a healthy life style.

Activities undertaken during Fitness Week saw the day beginning with a special morning assembly which included yoga, physical exercises and various activities of fitness and nutrition. The other days witnessed free hand exercises and mental fitness activities.

Physical activities like dance, aerobics, gardening were also conducted with students been encouraged to take part in Poster Designing Competition on the theme "Fit Body-Fit Mind-Fit Environment". A quiz competition was also conducted on the theme "Fit India " to bring awareness on fitness and importance of sports.

The week finally ended with a competition for students, staff and parents in traditional games to celebrate the 'Unity in Diversity' of Our Nation. For teaching staffs badminton and running race competitions were held as a part of fitness week celebration. Also the Annual Sports Meet will be conducted on 7th December 2019. The prime objective of these celebrations was to create awareness to our students who are the future of our country, to be physically and mentally fit.